Dang, you're smart. Congrats on getting all those swipes for free. While the internet gods are working in cyberspace to send them over to you, I've got something special just for you. Keep reading if the idea of sending out a weekly newsletter has you all...

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I totally get it. Every digital marketer and their mama wants to tell you that email newsletters should be about telling stories and connecting with your audience on a deep level.

Me and my momma?

We aint got time for that.

And neither do you.

That's why I created:

20 Minute Newsletters

My content outline that'll help you finally get out your newsletter every week--FAST

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15 minutes to write.

5 minutes for your subscriber to read and reply.

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help you find your voice quickly & come up with ideas on the fly

Connect and engage with your ideal audience

Warm up your audience to BUYING

All for only $22

This is an actual deal. This page only exists for you right now. This is normally priced at $99, but today I'm giving it to you for a steal and a half, Rebel Boss. So get it before the timer runs out.

Here's what you get:

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Ready to stop staring at swipe files and blank emails and start writing emails that get people to love you the way I love every member of *NSYNC? (Hint: that's a whole lot.) Scroll down to check out and get 20 Minute Newsletters for only $22.

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